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The Collegiate Peaks From Wilkerson Pass


My camera went out yesterday and I drove to a Best Buy in Colorado Springs to get it fixed per my service plan. On the way back, I stopped at an overlook at Wilkerson Pass in Park County. It was fairly cloudy, but I thought the shot would still be kind of nice. I trust you can notice Mt. Princeton's three "humps" to the left and Mt. Yale to the right.

I know many people in the Colorado Springs area who drive up to this point at Wilkerson Pass to take in the view before heading back. To them I say: What a shame! You're at the edge of Colorado at Wilkerson Pass! Come further in to see more of wonders of this state!

There are places like Breckenridge, that has a wonderful main street for window shopping, night life and enjoying a warm Colorado day. I also like Copper Mountain's village for hanging out in summer, and Georgetown is a neat place if you love historic Victorian buildings. When Independence Pass is open (and it should be by Memorial Day weekend), the scenic drive alone from Twin Lakes to the ritzy town of Aspen is a "must do." There are beautiful towns like Ouray, Telluride, Silverton and Durango that have stunning views of the San Juan Mountains. The Great Sand Dunes, Crested Butte (take Cottonwood Pass to get there), Glenwood Springs, Leadville and Rocky Mountain National Park are other great destinations. At the very least, do yourself the favor of driving over the Continental Divide - You'll be sure to enjoy some beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery. Try Hoosier Pass (Near Breckenridge/Fairplay), Fremont Pass (Leadville/Copper Mountain) or Tennessee Pass (Leadville/Vail).

Folks, I lived in Colorado Springs from 1997-2001 and Manitou Springs from 2001-2005, and I know for a fact there are far too many who live in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas who have not seen much outside of their urban/suburban areas. Consider my rant a loving encouragement to see all that's out there in the heart of Colorado. Next time you reach Wilkerson Pass, keep going! You'll be within an hour or two of some really beautiful areas. ;)

-Steve (May 17, 2006)

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