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Early Voting In Chaffee County

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This web site is usually non-political, but considering that I voted early in the general election today, well ... I thought I would exhibit some political expression. Unlike 2006, when I discussed who and what I voted for in various races (Mt. Princeton 11/7/06), this year I will just let the photo above do the talking. By the way, for those of you who are registered voters in Chaffee County, early voting can be done during business hours at the Chaffee County Goverment Building at 104 Crestone in Salida. You can vote from October 20 through October 31. Of course, you can also vote on election day at your precinct.

In other news, I had a gold-plated crown placed in my mouth today. I also spent about an hour at the Salida Library working on my book about my bike trip across America. Later this evening, after I get some chores and work done, I will likely sit in a hot tub at a neighbor's house. Not a bad day! All I will say is, there are parts of my life that are really blessed, where it seems like I live the easy life. Then there are other portions where I can guarantee you that you would not want to be me.

-Steve (October 21, 2008)

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