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Buena Vista's Volleyball and Basketball Courts

Buena Vista, Colorado

Today's photo was actually taken yesterday afternoon. It's a shot of the volleyball and basketball courts that is part of the park off of East Main Street in Buena Vista. Along with the volleyball and basketball courts, there is a soccer field, two softball diamonds, a kayak "play area" on the Arkansas River and the trailhead for the Whipple Trail. It's also a nice area to view the Collegiate Peaks as well!

Yesterday for about four or five hours, much of Buena Vista had trouble with their phone lines, which stiffled people's ability to call out and halted all Internet activity. It was very frustrating being that I work on the computer so much!

Last evening, however, I spent time photographing the sunset while on the Cottonwood Pass summit. Folks, I have some amazing pictures to show you. Definitely check out this link: Colorado Sunset at Cottonwood Pass :)

-Steve (May 31, 2006)

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