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From The Trail West Conference Center - (September 2003)

Mt. Princeton

In September 2003, I spent a couple of nights at the Trail West Conference Center in Buena Vista, Colorado. I had such a wonderful time spiritually, emotionally and physically. (I enjoyed some significant rest and took a day off work to attend.)

From the balcony of my room, I had this great view of Mt. Princeton. It was late September and the fall colors were just beautiful!

At the time, I was using my now obsolete Mavica digital camera, and this photo really does not do a service of just how beautiful the Colorado-ish Rocky Mountain scenery was. However, for me, the photo at least reminds me of that wonderful experience.

The Trail West Conference Center is located northwest of Buena Vista nestled against Deer Mountain, which is the mountain that is situated just east of Mt. Yale. From this spot, one is probably NNE of the Mt. Princeton summit. Hence, this is the typical view of Mt. Princeton from northern points. -Steve :)

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