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A Good View Of Tigger Peak - The "Left Hump"

Mt. Princeton

Today has been unusually cloudy for much of the day, and honestly, I think the weather is reflecting my mood, but I really don't care to elaborate too much about it.

This afternoon I was driving on Rodeo Road near the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and Frontier Ranch camp and snapped this shot. Tigger Peak is the "left hump" on Mt. Princeton, and it stands at over 13,000 feet. One can clearly see the horizontal line which is Mt. Princeton Road. If you walk to the end of the road, you'll reach an area known as Bristlecone Park which has wonderful views of the Sawatch range to the south. Keep in mind if you're hiking to the Mt. Princeton summit, the trail actually begins off of Mt. Princeton Road and goes up the north side of Tigger Peak. If you're walking on the road and you reach the slide, you've gone too far and passed the trailhead!

It is about two hours since I took the photo above and looking outside, it is still fairly dreary. Oh well!

-Steve (June 15, 2006)

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