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Wowsa! Mt. Princeton Stands Strong And Proud!

Mt. Princeton

I realize that headline might sound a little hokey, but it was the first thing that came to mind. I was returning from Colorado Springs this morning and was "swept away" by the clear blue skies and amazing views of the Collegiate Peaks. Folks, I do not think I will ever tire of the grand view of Mt. Princeton as one comes down from Trout Creek Pass towards Johnson Village.

Later in the afternoon, I drove to the Cottonwood Pass gate and biked uphill as far as I could go (3.3 miles) before reaching a stretch of road completely covered in snow. You can see my entire picture collection here: Snow and Mountains Along Cottonwood Pass Road.

Lastly, my heart is weighing heavily after learning that a climber known as "Talus Monkey" tragically died after injuring himself significantly while coming down Humboldt Peak in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. While I have acted mainly as a lurker on the forum, it was clear that Dave (his real name) was such an inspiring and passionate hiker of the mountains, a definite wacky character and good friend to many. You can read a tribute to him here: Tribute to David.

Steve (May 8, 2007)

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