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Mt. Princeton Sunset

Mt. Princeton Sunset

My sunset photo this evening of Mt. Princeton is pretty, no doubt, but the real color show was happening to the right, above the Mt. Harvard and Mt. Columbia mountain cluster. There were super bright oranges, pinks and purples. Oh it was glorious! You can see all of my photos at this link: Sunset in Buena Vista

Now I really do like this late evening photo. Days are fairly long right now and I snapped this shot at approximately 8:20 p.m. Buena Vista is definitely a different town now, and Cottonwood Pass Road is quite busy these days with out-of-state license plates. Personally, I think this town is too dead in the winter and I welcome all the activity! ;)

As for my plans for next weekend, I am tentatively planning to drive over Cottonwood Pass to visit the ghost town of Tincup in Gunnison County. I have never been there and it should be fun! :) If I feel really ambitious, I just might drive down to northern New Mexico and spend two days (Sunday and Monday?) doing some photography of the mountains and scenery down there. I could stay at the really cool youth hostel in Santa Fe, which I have stayed at before with positive experiences. We'll see about that, but Tincup is definitely happening on Saturday! ;)

-Steve (June 12, 2006)

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