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Mt. Princeton On A Sunny Morning

Mt. Princeton

My desktop has been giving me a lot of problems lately and I am coming to terms with the fact that it may be on its "last legs." Grrrrrrrr! Computer and software problems can be really frustrating sometimes, especially when you're someone like me who is dedicated to putting new things on the Internet on a regular basis.

Anyway, today's Mt. Princeton photo was taken on West Main Street just outside of the Buena Vista town line. I actually pulled over onto the shoulder of oncoming traffic (no worries, there were no cars in sight!) to take this picture. The houses in the foreground are part of the Sunset Vista neighborhood.

Lastly, I've made three pages related to my bike ride across America. None are directly about Colorado, but hey, you might find them interesting. They are: Desert Botanic Garden (Phoenix, AZ), Continental Divide (West New Mexico) and Florida's Highest Point.

-Steve (March 24, 2008)

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