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A Perfect Summer Morning


Ooooooh! I really like this picture; It is so bright and cheerful! This morning I snapped this photo off of Chaffee County Road 340, as it leads into the forested area of Trail West. Looking outside right now, I would say today is absolutely perfect weather: Not much of a breeze, dry and in the low 80's. Nice! :)

Okay, I am getting motivated to bicycle Independence Pass. I will begin training today and might do it in a week or two. I will likely begin in the town of Twin Lakes and ride the 17 miles to the summit. It sure would be nice to whiz down into Aspen, but realistically, that might be more a hassle to get back. :p

Oh! One last thing: The third annual Balloona Vista Festival is happening this weekend. Hot air balloons will be launching early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be some kind of "balloon glow" on Saturday evening. I'm sure it will be a very worthwhile event, and I fervently anticipate maybe getting a shot of Mt. Princeton with at least one beautiful hot air balloon in front of it! ;) -Steve (June 8, 2006)

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