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The One And Only Lisa Visits Chaffee County

Steve and Lisa

Today I had the pleasure of hosting a visitor, the one and only Lisa! Once a participant of discussion forums that existed until 2008 on my largest web site, Lisa lives among the high altitude rednecks in southern Teller County. Lisa played in a major role in launching my web cam, for it was her who generously donated a new web cam to me in 2006. But this is Lisa's greatest honor: This woman is at the very top of my Altitude Snob list! :)

We ate at the Coyote Cantina in Johnson Village, relaxed at Bongo Billy's in Buena Vista, and did a lot of talking and catching up. We also stood in front of the camera with Mt. Princeton behind us. This picture was taken a short distance from Chaffee County Road 162 in Nathrop. Look at the beautiful snow throughout the land! :)

-Steve (March 25, 2010)

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