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State Highway 50 - East of Salida


Now here is an interesting shot. Yesterday afternoon, I was in the passenger seat of a truck with my buddy Kent (He's a great home builder - Check out:, and upon coming out of canyon east of Salida, I snapped this shot of Mt. Princeton through the windshield! :)

The picture quality obviously isn't the greatest, and in fact, there were all sorts of spring time bugs fluttering above the Arkansas River and adjacent highway for much of the drive in western Fremont County, which made the windshield even more messy with dead bug splatterings!

A similar view of Mt. Princeton can be seen from the river park in Salida, by the way. And that snow-covered mountain all the way to the right is the Mt. Harvard range.

On a personal note, yesterday I spent some time working for a home builder in Canon City. I didn't have much work to do with my own business, and I figured I'd make some extra money doing some hard labor. During the drive to and from Canon City, I snapped all sorts of pictures in scenic Fremont County, including the northern Sangre De Cristo Mountains that sit behind Howard and Coaldale. What a pretty drive it is from Canon City to Salida! ;)

-Steve (May 2, 2006)

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