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South Main In Buena Vista, Colorado

South Main, Buena Vista, CO

The South Main Development in Buena Vista is really coming along. Since I moved here in 2005, a number of homes have been built. This is looking very much like it will be a charming and nice place to live. No cookie cutter homes and no overemphasis on driving. This will actually be a pedestrian friendly development that will look beautiful when its complete. South Main is nothing like the ugly suburban sprawling shit being built on the west side of town!

Yesterday was a sunny day in central Colorado, but I found myself too busy to snap a picture of the mountain. I have so much going on ... this economic downturn has hurt my businesses pretty badly. I'm doing my best to write a book as well, which is a wonderful thing, but quite stressful at times. I'm also considering my options for 2009 - decisions that might land me in a new career and a new city. Then again, I might just stay put and continue living here. We shall see.

-Steve (January 7, 2009)

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