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A 4-Wheeling Adventure In South Cottonwood Canyon

Steve's Toyota 4-Runner

This morning my friend Steve Quilico and I drove into South Cottonwood Canyon (past Cottonwood Lake) to hike Emma Burr Mountain. Upon arriving at the mountain's base, we opted to postpone that hike when we observed the mountain was completely engulfed in clouds with the possibility of rain and lightning happening.

Thus, we were looking to do something else for adventure and we wound up driving up a bumpy dirt road that came quite close to Jones Mountain and Ptarmigan Lake. Along the drive, I got out of the truck to photograph the bumpy state of the road and inadvertantly included Mt. Princeton in the background!

Although the face of Mt. Princeton's summit is not recognizable to me from this vantage point, after studying topographical maps, it appears Mt. Princeton is indeed in the background. (I also reviewed photos I snapped at the summit of Mt. Princeton toward South Cottonwood Canyon and Mineral Basin, which contributes to my strength of my position.)

Oh and did we have fun! I realize I might sound like a "broken record" sometimes, but I am so grateful to live in this Rocky Mountain wonderland. May I never get "used to" the stunning mountain scenery of central Colorado! :)

-Steve (August 4, 2007)

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