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The First Major Snowfall In Colorado's High Country

Mt. Princeton, Colorado

The high country had received some "dustings" of snow in recent weeks, but last night was the first official "dump" of snow up in the mountains. All of the mountains in the Collegiate Peaks range are covered in a blanket of white and the forests leading up to Cottonwood Pass received a few inches of snow. Amazingly, there is a lot of fall foliage happening at altitudes conducive for leafy plants, which created a "fire and ice" effect of white snow and contrasting yellow, orange and reddish foliage. I am very grateful that my autumn fall foliage web site ( has been receiving a plethora of hits recently for web surfers searching for all sorts of things related to the fall season. ;)

Today's photo, by the way, was taken on the side of Chaffee County Road 306. The Sunset Vista neighborhood is in the foreground.

Have a wonderful day, my friends! -Steve (September 21, 2006)

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