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Snow Covers Much Of Mt. Princeton After Snowstorm


Yesterday we had a day-long snowstorm along with some sleet in the Arkansas Valley. This morning, the sun has come back out in full blast and the few inches of snow have melted around Buena Vista, but Mt. Princeton and the surrounding Collegiate Peaks are covered in white! :)

Near the Chaffee County Rodeo Grounds, I zoomed-in a bit to show just how "white" the mountain looks this morning. There was a cloud hovering over it, which was very frustrating from a photography standpoint. I just might snap another shot of the mountain later in the afternoon if the skies clear up above the summit.

On another note, tomorrow I will be kayaking with a friend on Cottonwood Lake, which is a small lake inside Spring Canyon nestled against the northern base of Mt. Princeton's range. I'm really looking forward to having a relaxing time on the lake. And with yesterday's snow, it just might be interesting to see how the snow "plays out" up there. ;)

-Steve (April 29, 2006)

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