Mt. Princeton
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A Hike To Triad Ridge In Chaffee County, Colorado

Mt. Princeton

On Sunday morning, I played hookey on church and hiked Triad Ridge, located southeast of Johnson Village and Buena Vista. Hardly anyone climbs this ridge and there is no trail. However, the mountain is quite noticeable as one drives on Highway 24 & 285 between Johnson Village and Trout Creek Pass. Above is a photo near the summit. Colorado 14ers Mt. Shavano, Tabegauche Peak and Mt. Antero are all visible to the left (if you're acquainted with how they look) and of course, Mt. Princeton stands as a beacon of mountain beauty to the right. :)

So did you see my Arkansas Razorbacks apparel video? What do you think? I welcome your comments on my fan page on Facebook. Additionally, on Friday evening I made a photo gallery of remaining snow in the forest near Cottonwood Pass. Check it out!

Have a great week, friends. Summer is in full swing and Buena Vista has been buzzing with visitors!

-Steve (June 7, 2010)


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