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Mt. Princeton From Northern Chaffee County


For much of today, Mt. Princeton and much of the Arkansas Valley has been busy with a snowstorm, and visibility is extremely low. Hence, I really did not have any possibility to photograph Mt. Princeton or any of the Collegiate Peaks for that matter.

Ah, but I did capture a shot during my bike ride yesterday afternoon, in which I traveled round trip from Buena Vista to Granite. From Buena Vista, it is a steady and gradual uphill for 17 miles along Highway 24 to reach Granite. Of course, the ride back was a glorious 17 miles of whizzing back downhill along the highway, and somewhere during that stretch I pulled over to take this shot of Mt. Princeton.

From most points in northern Chaffee County, Mt. Princeton's three "humps" are still quite identifiable, but the perspective is obviously different from the most common views of the mountain from Buena Vista, Johnson Village and Nathrop.

One last thing: Do visit the Granite General Store if you're driving through that way. They offer all sorts of general traveling items, including drinks & snacks, with a restroom for customers. They are open all year round and the owners are very friendly. Tell them Steve in Buena Vista sent ya! ;)

-Steve (April 28, 2006)

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