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The North View Of Mt. Princeton


I am not particularly happy with today's photo of Mt. Princeton. It is the standard view from the areas north of Buena Vista, and it is very similar to the page I titled Northern Chaffee County. I was on my way back from an all morning trip, was tired, and just wanted to get today's photo before getting home and plopping on the couch! ;)

So what did I do today? I planned to hike the Mayflower Gulch Trail near Copper Mountain on the other side of Fremont Pass. It was a really warm day and wanted to get out to do some cardiovascular work via hiking, especially in view of the fact that I'm tentatively hiking Mt. Yale on Friday. Well, the Mayflower Gulch Trail was still packed with quite a bit of snow, and without snowshoes, I decided to do it another time. I then went on a driving adventure and took plenty of photos of Vail, Eagle and Minturn, before returning back over Tennessee Pass.

Anyway, I'm done yapping. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! -Steve (May 13, 2006)

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