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Mt. Princeton

It's early Sunday morning and I'm still sort of basking in the glory of hiking Mt. Yale. Tentatively, I am penciling in hiking Quandary Peak near Breceknridge on Friday, June 3. I'll be sure to photograph Mt. Princeton from the summit while I'm up there.

For the past few days, I have not had my digital camera. It is currently being serviced and I expect it to return in the mail in about ten more days. I borrowed a friend's digital camera for the Mt. Yale hike, but currently, I don't anything to take a daily photo. I might try to borrow someone else's camera, but at least for today and tomorrow, I will show a Mt. Princeton photo from the Mt. Yale hike.

Standing on the Mt. Yale summit, I zoomed-in on Mt. Princeton's north face. There seemed to be a slow and steady erosion of the weather conditions up there and the clouds were already beginning to role in towards Mt. Princeton. To read more details about the hairy experience of coming down Mt. Yale with wind, snow and intermittent lightning and thunder, visit my trip report on Amazing Colorado. Not fun!

-Steve (May 21, 2006 - Photo taken May 19, 2006)

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