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Nine Degrees & Remaining Snowdrifts In Buena Vista


This was my first morning back home in Buena Vista. At 8 a.m., it was a mere nine degrees as I drove on a nearby country dirt road for my first Mt. Princeton photo since completing my bicycle ride across America. Although it has been generally warmer in March, there is still a lot of remaining snow throughout the area and I thought the tall snowdrift was noteworthy to show. I included my Honda Accord to help with perspective.

Oh and yes, I indeed did finish my journey from San Diego, California to Jekyll Island, Georgia on a bike. I rode approximately 2,400 miles, took 900 pictures, needed 45 days to finish, rode across eight states, had eleven flat tires and used two bikes. Extensive trip reports are coming! :)

-Steve (March 23, 2008)

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