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Saturday Morning In Chaffee County - April 21, 2007

Mt. Princeton

This morning I had breakfast with a good friend at the Evergreen Cafe in Buena Vista. It was so helpful to meet with people whom I can be "real" with. It has become clear I am at a crossroads in my life - the matter of my singleness, God's will for my life and just how much I can be filled with God's transforming grace are all issues I am wrestling with.

It is currently 42 degrees, windy and it appears to be snowing as I look out west towards the Sawatch Range right now. I thought about driving southward and peddling casually on my bike in Salida. Perhaps I'll do just that despite the adverse weather conditions, or maybe I'll just bring my laptop with me and lounge at a coffee shop with free wi-fi in downtown Salida.

-Steve (April 21, 2007)

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