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The Breathtaking View At The Mt. Princeton Summit

Mt. Princeton Summit

Today I dug up a photo from my hike of Mt. Princeton in August 2004. Here is the breaktaking view looking to the northeast from the Mt. Princeton summit. The Arkansas River Valley is way out there and appears quite flat with the town of Buena Vista in view, although there are no major landmarks to notice it other than perhaps the dark green line of trees surrounding Cottonwood Creek as it flows into town.

At the time of this writing, I have summited seven of Colorado's 14ers, with Mt. Yale being the only mountain I have done this year. I am not upset about it though, for I have had a very busy and active summer. Just yesterday I trekked along a really beautiful area near Independence Pass, I kayaked on the Arkansas River for the very first time on Monday, and I plan to bicycle to the Great Sand Dunes in the San Luis Valley to finally achieve a "century" ride (i.e. a 100-mile ride in a day) in the next couple of weeks.

As I have said on numerous occasions, summer time in Colorado is just magnificent! :)

-Steve (Photo taken August 1, 2004 - Written July 12, 2006

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