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Mt. Princeton Road Near Frontier Ranch Entrance

Mt. Princeton Road

For this photo, I was standing downhill from the entrances to Frontier Ranch and the Mt. Princeton trailhead. Tigger Peak is the peak to the left with the Mt. Princeton summit to the right. You can drive all the way up Mt. Princeton Road even past the line that goes across Tigger Peak near timberline. However at the radio towers, you will definitely need a good high clearance vehicle.

I took this picture while hiking a stretch of the Colorado Trail from Cottonwood Canyon (near Cottonwood Pass Road) to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. A stretch of the path goes along the road, but I took a short cut and went scurrying down a sandy enbankment with pinions and rocks to save lots of time.

I will be in Colorado Springs tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment early in the morning, followed by a meeting with a friend and then followed by a business-related meeting. On the way back, if the skies are clear, I think I am due to get a really nice shot of the Collegiate Peaks from the overlook at Wilkerson Pass. We'll see; I make no promises with Colorado's common afternoon rainstorm patterns of late. ;)

Have a great one. I'm headed to do my laundry and to either the Evergreen Cafe or the Coyote Cantina to celebrate God's provision of money that has come in to cover some expenses. I'm telling you, without getting too preachy here, I am convinced there is a God who is very powerful, active and interested in blessing our lives. He indeed knows the number of hairs on our head, and while removing all pain and suffering isn't realistic, God passionately desires to have a relationship with us that gives meaning and joy in our day to day lives.

-Steve (July 6, 2006)

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