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Highway 24 & 285 - The Stunning View Of Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

Today is Election Day and I voted at Buena Vista's one and only polling station at Colorado Mountain College. I voted straight Republican (including Doug Lamborn for U.S. Congress and Lew Entz for State Senate) with the exception of Tim Glenn, the Democratic incumbent county commissioner and Jon White, an independent candidate for Chaffee County sheriff. There was one other local race that I refused to vote in, but I don't wish to elaborate on that one - something about living in a small town in a rural county. ;)

As for amendments and referendums, I voted "Yes" on Amendments 43 (defining marriage as between one man and one woman), 44 (decriminalizing the possession of one ounce or less of marijuana) and Referendum K (the state of Colorado challenging the U.S. Attorney General to enforce all illegal immigration laws). I also voted "Yes" on 1A, a local matter which ensured the current dog shelter in Buena Vista to be the dog shelter for Chaffee County on a contract basis for the future. All others received a "No" from me.

After working out at the gym this morning, I drove to the stretch of highway of 24 & 285 located between Trout Creek Pass and Johnson Village. This area is known for its grand and downright breathtaking view of Mt. Princeton and the Collegiate Peaks. Just look at how large that mountain appears from this vantage point!

Lastly, you are welcome to check out my photo collections from my visit to the Great Sand Dunes: High Dune and Star Dune. Have a great one! -Steve (November 7, 2006)

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