Mt. Princeton
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Chilling Out On A Lonely Dirt Road

I wasn't planning it, but I ended up including myself in today's Mount Princeton mountain photo. It was fairly windy, and so I put my hood up. That road is Chaffee County Road 339, a very quiet and isolated thoroughfare. :)

As I was driving home, I spotted a large group of about 100 antelope on the west side of town. I captured one semi-decent shot of three of them grazing with the Buffalo Peaks standing magnificently in the background. You can see that photo here.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope I can give you a little piece of Colorado online with my efforts. By the way, you are welcome to make a donation to show your appreciation. There's never any pressure or expectation for anyone to give, but it does improve morale to get things in the mail now and then. :)

-Steve (December 30, 2011) on Facebook


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