Mt. Princeton
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Christmas Day In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado

Mount Princeton

This morning I went for a short hike on the Whipple Trail, which offers spectacular views of the mountains across the valley. A white Christmas is very common for our region, but it is still well appreciated. Then again, we've had a white Easter and a white Mother's Day since I've lived here. :)

Recently I've received a flurry of friendly comments on my Facebook page. They mainly come from two types of people: Those who formerly lived here and miss the mountains, and those who long to move and/or vacation in Colorado soon. Whoever you are, I am honored you check into my humble Colorado photography sites. I try to entertain. I carry my camera with me nearly all the time. And these sites give me an excuse to go out there and hike, climb, bike, etc. Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you! :)

-Steve (December 25, 2011) on Facebook


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