Mt. Princeton
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A Colorado Sunset To Remember

Mt. Princeton

The photo above was yesterday's sunset colors over Mt. Princeton. That doesn't look very impressive, but to the right, the colors were quite pretty over Mt. Columbia. You can see four photos and two videos here: Colorado Sunset.

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge comes through Buena Vista today. This morning they begin in Gunnison. They'll ride north through Taylor Canyon, pass Taylor Park Reservoir, then climb to Cottonwood Pass. On their way down, as they're speeding by, I'll capture them on video as they reach Buena Vista. But then they continue toward Granite, Twin Lakes and Independence Pass before finishing in Aspen. The ride is 130+ miles. Impressive! :)

One last thing: I've been tweaking some old hiking pages and I'd like to show off my climb of Picacho Peak in Arizona. If you're ever in the area, it's a hike I recommend. :)

-Steve (August 24, 2011) on Facebook


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