Mt. Princeton
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Raining Over Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

I'm busy today and don't have the time to go out and photograph the mountain. Therefore, above is a shot of Mt. Princeton taken a week and a half ago, during a torrential rainstorm. I love how gray the sky looks! This picture was taken about 20 minutes before the glorious full rainbow showed up outside of Buena Vista.

For lunch, I'm meeting with friends at Los Girasoles Mexican Restaurant in Buena Vista. I highly recommend that place. The food is delicious and their prices are reasonable. You can't get good and authentic Mexican food anywhere else in town!

Lastly, I've discovered the newest social networking platform, Google Plus. All I will say for now is "Wow!" I really like it and I think it solves some of the common problems that have existed with Facebook and Twitter. Not that I'm abandoning either of those platforms; you can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter anytime. :)

-Steve (July 12, 2011) on Facebook


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