Mt. Princeton
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Driving On Chaffee County Road 361

Mt. Princeton

A morning photo from Chaffee County Road 361, located about three miles west of Buena Vista. This weekend I intend to do my first major climb of a Sawatch Range mountain. The summit of Gladstone Ridge, a little known 13er, will be my goal. Also, my friend Phil Ladden intends to visit soon, and we'll likely hike Grays Peak and Torreys Peak, two popular 14ers near Georgetown and Keystone. Wish us luck!

Summer has officially arrived in Colorado. The weather has been so nice. It's been in the 70s most days, and we've had two days where we've climbed over the 80 mark. (I'm keeping track!) I trust if you're planning some kind of vacation during this warm season, that you're on it by now. ;)

-Steve (June 22, 2011) on Facebook


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