Mt. Princeton
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The Mount Princeton Sign On Highway 24

Mount Princeton

Today's Mount Princeton photo was taken while pulled over on the shoulder of Highway 24, a short distance south of Buena Vista and near the Chaffee County Airport. I snapped a similar picture from this vantage point in December, and it seemed to be quite a hit among my web visitors. :)

By the way, my webcam that faces my small backyard and the Sawatch Range is running daily. I also created a "Day 1" page when I biked from Huntington Beach, CA to Riverside, CA, a 50 mile ride.

As for Colorado updates, I may be in Canon City this weekend and am considering doing a hike in the Royal Gorge region. We'll see ... I know I'm very much due to create a new Colorado photo collection. :)

-Steve (April 13, 2011) on Facebook


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