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Colorado, Did You Miss Me?

Mt. Princeton, Colorado

Finally, I have returned home. It took me six weeks and four days to bike from Huntington Beach, California to St. Simons Island, Georgia, my second bike across America ride in my life. You can read more details about my journey at and can view a small set of photos for now on my Facebook page.

I arrived back to Buena Vista yesterday afternoon and had my Internet reconnected. Excited to begin my photography of Colorado's mountains, yesterday I tweeted a photo of the scenic Sangre De Cristo Mountains at Villa Grove. And this morning, I snapped this shot of myself beside Mount Princeton. Ahhhh, it's so good to be back in the mountains!

Although snow season is far from over, it feels like spring has arrived. Are you planning to vacation this summer in Colorado? Now is the time to start planning! I'm already jotting down mountains I'd like to climb when things become warmer, and the Buffalo Peaks is at the top of my list!

To those of you who enjoy this website, thank you for your patience. I am back and back for good. Daily Mt. Princeton photos are coming starting today. :)

-Steve (April 11, 2011) on Facebook


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