Mt. Princeton
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Clouds Hovering Over Mt. Princeton - July 31, 2010

Mount Princeton

I offer my apology for the lack of recent updates. I've had all sorts of computer difficulties this month. The latest update is that my desktop computer has been reformated and upgraded to Windows 7. I have a good feeling the desktop will be okay. However, my laptop has suddenly become problematic. The receiver end of the charging component inside the laptop is not working well. Any day now I will be unable to charge my laptop's battery and it will be finished. (My three year service plan expired in January.) Problems, problems, problems! Ah but my God is so much bigger and stronger than all of these petty problems. :)

I've been hiking and enjoy the mountains a lot. A few pages: Mt. Sniktau, Grays and Torreys Peak, Mt. Evans Hike, Mt. Evans Scenic Byway, Mountain Goats and Guanella Pass. Enjoy!

Oh and lastly, today's photo was taken near Gregg Drive and west of Buena Vista, CO. All day clouds have been concealing the view of Mt. Princeton.

-Steve (July 31, 2010)


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