Mt. Princeton
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Scenery From Maxwell View Drive

Mt. Princeton

Today's Mt. Princeton photo was taken from Maxwell View Drive, a residential area south of Buena Vista and west of Johnson Village. As you can see, it is a very pretty morning in Colorado's Rocky Mountains!

NOTE: My desktop is having significant problems and everything seems to indicate it has been slammed with viruses. In its six year history, I have never seen it this bad. My anti-virus program apparently didn't stop whatever attacked it. Currently I'm working on trying to reformat the computer, but even that seems undoable. Hopefully I will have someone look at this machine in person, but if you don't see as many Mt. Princeton updates or new pages on my site, you know why. (I am typing this from my fragile laptop, and don't use this for regular use.)

-Steve (July 5, 2010)


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