Mt. Princeton
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Mt. Princeton, CO

This morning I was en route to Leadville and I pulled over on Highway 24 to capture this Mt. Princeton photo.

Today I will be working on Day 3 of my Chaffee County walk and last night I posted my Browns Canyon photos from Day 4. So much is happening in my life these days, and my body is not quite at 100% from my illness last week. If you are the motherly type or are in the medical field, be assured I have prioritized resting as a component of everyday. :)

This morning my friend Shannon inquired about driving up Chaffee County Road 306 (toward Cottonwood Pass) as far as we can before the snow is too much. That should be fun, as we did it two years ago. Last year, I walked by myself among snowy unplowed roads in early May.

-Steve (April 20, 2010)

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