Mt. Princeton
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Mt. Princeton - Driving Into The Arkansas River Valley

Mt. Princeton

I snapped two photos of Mt. Princeton this morning, one on Chaffee County Road 301 and the other on Highway 24 & 285 as I approached Johnson Village. After reviewing each picture, the Johnson Village photo won as seen above. :)

I am not 100% recovered, but the worst is over with my fever and sore throat. Also, my lower back has improved. I am certainly much more mobile and have been doing various lower back stretching. I probably still need to see the chiropractor, but we'll see.

Today I will be working on my "Day 2" page of my long Chaffee County hike from north to south. If you haven't already seen the first day, read it here: North Chaffee County Border to Numbers River Access Area.

-Steve (April 14, 2010)

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