Mt. Princeton
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Winter Scene - Mt. Princeton in Colorado

Colorado Winter

This was my dilemna from a photography standpoint this morning: It was mainly a sunny day with blue skies, but thick clouds hovered over the Sawatch Range, including Mt. Princeton. I wanted to zoom-in on the summit, but those clouds wouldn't allow for a decent picture. Thus, I zoomed out to capture the pretty blue sky above instead. I think it's a pretty picture. (Photo taken from the parking lot of the Colorado Mountain College extention campus in Buena Vista.)

I spent the morning in Salida. I snapped photos of F Street and myself with my hairdresser that made it on my Twitter feed. Amber is the greatest!

Oh and lastly, I uploaded another video from last weekend. Please enjoy Driving in Eastern Colorado. (1:01). :)

-Steve (February 6, 2010)

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