Mt. Princeton
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The First Morning With My New Camera

Mt. Princeton

I have a new camera! Last night, at the Best Buy on the north end of Colorado Springs, I bought a Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS. It has ten megapixels, a 3x zoom and other quality features that make it a vast improvement from my old and broken Canon A85, a model no longer sold.

Oh and get this: I also bought a tripod! No more frustration laying my camera on the ground, a wobbly rock or something else to include myself in self-portraits. And no more angst of having a stranger to take that self-portrait, only to learn that person took a horrible photo! Watch out world ... Steve Garufi has a tripod! ;)

Today's photo was taken a short walk from Chaffee County Road 339, near the Maxwell Park Schoolhouse. I definitely need to learn the features of this new camera to optimize it's photographic potential, but at least it's better than my crummy cell phone pictures. Ha ha!

Lastly, I'm a little late in saying this, but I want to wish everyone a glorious and meaningful 2010. I am so grateful for all of you who visit this web page. May all of your wildest dreams come true! Take risks, do something totally out of character and may blessings flow to you and your family.

-Steve (January 10, 2010)

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