Mt. Princeton
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A Relaxing Saturday Afternoon In Colorado

Mt. Princeton, CO

I pulled over on Chaffee County Road 321 for today's Mt. Princeton photo entry. It has been a very lazy Saturday so far, and that's the way I want it! Good grief, did I have a busy and stressful work week.

Later in the afternoon and evening, I plan to drive around Salida, CO to photograph Christmas light displays in front of people's homes and elsewhere. My Christmas lights web site ( attracts a great amount of traffic during this month and I need to update it with new content. Oh and maybe I'll photograph the sunset over the mountains. We're due for a blazing sunset color show for sure! :)

Have a great weekend! Here's a little Stevie Wonder inspiration for you. I had this song stuck in my head on the latter end of my bike across America trip and it always jazzes me up to take things on!

-Steve (December 5, 2009)

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