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Another Beautiful Summer Day In Colorado

Mt. Princeton, CO

I called in sick today after having a fever on Saturday night through all of Sunday. This morning, I feel about 80% better, but I sense the sickness is still in me. I gotta rest!

Oh but this didn't stop me from capturing a photo of Mt. Princeton this morning. Today's picture was taken at the junction of Chaffee County Roads 338 and 340 west of Buena Vista, CO.

I will definitely be resting and laying down throughout the day, but maybe, if I feel better later today, I might write an update about how my book writing process is coming along. If you are new to visiting this site, I biked across America in 2008 and I'm doing my best to write a book about my experience.

I should probably say this more often, but I want to *thank you* for checking out this site! :) -Steve (July 27, 2009) on Facebook

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