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Chaffee County Road 162 - Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton

This morning I made the drive to Nathrop again to photograph some cottonwoods in front of Mt. Yale, and of course, while on Chaffee County Road 162, I couldn't resist snapping the above photo of Mt. Princeton front and center.

On Tuesday, I needed to go for a drive and wound up driving through Westcliffe, eating at a Carl's Jr. in Walsenberg, followed by traveling through La Veta Pass, the Great Sand Dunes area, Moffat and Poncha Pass. You can see all of my photos here: Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

Oh and lastly, despite all of my worry about my fantasy football team, I did indeed win and the Garbage Cans are now 3-2! :)

-Steve (October 11, 2007)

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