Mt. Princeton

Mount Princeton - November 1, 2013

Mount Princeton, Colorado

Okay, this is it. The photo above was taken this morning in Buena Vista, and it'll be my last photo of the mountain during this brief four-day stay in a friend's guest room in town. Today, if everything goes well, I'll be moving into a rental in Salida. And I'm won't lie: I'm nervous. Your prayers and encouragement are appreciated. In fact, your donations are welcome too. Don't be under any illusion that I'm wealthy. I'm making significant sacrifices to live in Chaffee County, and while I'm grateful to have a job, it does not pay well. I'll be scratching and clawing each month to make a living. Still though, I have so much to be thankful for.

Anyway, the plan is to continue to update this website on a regular basis, as there are views of Mount Princeton from the southern side of Chaffee County. It should be interesting to see the angles I come up with. :)

One last thing: On Thursday, I got in a hike on the Narrow Gauge Trail in Chalk Creek Canyon, an easy hike on an abandoned railroad grade with stunning mountain scenery.

-Steve (November 1, 2013)

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