Mt. Princeton
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Pine Trees At The Base Of Mount Princeton

Mount Princeton Colorado

I pulled over on Chaffee County Road 321 (southwest of Buena Vista) for this morning's photo of Mount Princeton. I think it's a great shot, but I think from this spot the mountain doesn't look as large as it is. It's funny how at different angles and vantage points, mountains can seem either small or large.

By the way, often this question comes up on my Facebook page, and so I thought I'd mention it here. If you are seeking to do relatively easy hikes in Buena Vista the surrounding mountains, here are my suggestions: Agnes Vaille Falls (0.5 miles), Midland Hill (easiest mountain to climb) and Ptarmigan Lake (about two miles to a lake in the heart of the Sawatch Range). I'd start with those hikes before doing anything else.

-Steve (March 10, 2012) Make a Donation on Facebook


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