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Mt. Princeton View From Maxwell Park

Mt. Princeton

I have a friend who has this view of Mt. Princeton from his backyard. I was actually out there playing horseshoes with him during this January 2006 day when I took this photo. I'm sure it would look nice if those cottonwoods had some leaves on them, but oh well! ;)

This open high plains area soutwest of Buena Vista is sometimes referred to as Maxwell Park. It's in unincorporated Chaffee County and much of it is either ranchland, state lands or national forest. There are, however, a few fortunate individuals like my friend who have some acreage in this area. The guy has a panoramic view of Mt. Princeton, Mt. Yale and Mt. Harvard all from his living room and kitchen windows! Sigh! :p)

Everyone have a wonderful day. It's spring allergy season and I took a major blow with my allergies yesterday. The trees are beginning to bloom and with the wind ... Things got pretty bad in the afternoon! Ah well, at least it's not freezing cold anymore!

-Steve :) (April 24, 2006)

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