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A Lazy Colorado Summer Evening

Mt. Princeton

Well, it feels like a lazy Colorado summer evening right now. We just had our usual afternoon rainstorm and while the clouds appear to be relenting, they still dominate much of Chaffee County's skyscape.

My friend Scott from Colorado Springs visited me today and we visited Agnes Vaille Falls and St. Elmo. We then had lunch at the Coyote Cantina in Johnson Village and wrapped up the afternoon with Scott surfing the Internet on my computer with the web cam capturing his presence every 60 seconds. It was an enjoyable day!

Tomorrow morning I will be golfing at the Salida public golf course. Although at one time I was a very skilled golfer, I have not swung a golf club in four years and my only goals are: 1) Not hurt myself, and 2) Have some fun!

-Steve (August 19, 2006)

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