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A Beautiful Lake With A Mt. Princeton View

Mt. Princeton in Colorado

Just west of Johnson Village, I headed south on Chaffee County Road 302 and snapped today's photo of Mt. Princeton with this beautiful lake in the foreground. The lake is private property, so don't even bother trying to swim, fish or boat in it. ;)

I must say, it was so refreshing to see a body of water in the upper Arkansas Valley. Precipitation is fairly minimal in this part of Colorado and the spring and summer so far have been quite dry. The state of Colorado has instituted statewide fire bans and other measures with hopes of minimizing Colorado's fire season. So far, so good ... The only major fire began last week due to a lightning strike near La Veta Pass in southern Colorado.

One last thing. I have a new web site ( and the concept is simple. I go to the very same spot on Cottonwood Pass Road and photograph Jones Mountain during different times of day and seasons. I think it's going to be a great one! :)

All the best, Steve (June 27, 2006)

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