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Mt. Princeton - June 18, 2006


First things first, I hiked up to Ptarmigan Lake near Cottonwood Pass on Sunday morning. It was wonderful!

I snapped this shot of Mt. Princeton on Sunday afternoon and there is a short story behind it. My buddy Tom in Florida, whose web site is, sent me a box of top quality cigars. I was feeling bored and thought I would smoke a cigar at Cottonwood Pass. Maybe I could do some kind of pictorial of me smoking the cigar for my Cottonwood Pass web site, I thought. Well, for some reason, I turned around at the Rainbow Lake Resort and returned back to Buena Vista, and that's when I took this photo. I actually took a few shots of my hand holding out the cigar in front of the mountain, but none of the photos looked very good. Ah well! I told Tom his cigars would get on one of my web sites at some point! :)

Not much else is new, I guess. I created a new web site with a nice-looking design in my opinion: My parents will be visiting in late July and I look forward to hosting them. You know what? I'm in a quirky kind of mood ... I think I will hit the buffet at the Buena Vista pizza hut this afternoon. It's that kind of day; I need to be good to myself.

-Steve (June 19, 2006)

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