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Jumpin' Julie Visits Chaffee County

Jumpin Julie

On Monday morning, my friend Jumpin' Julie (left), Katie and Helen visited to spend half of the day with me. From Texas but staying in a summer rental in rural Saguache County, this was their first time to tour some of the sites (by car) in the Buena Vista area.

Before we did anything, I told them The Story of the Golden Goats Milk at my home, a legendary story I tell to only my closest friends. Then, as we were on our way to Cottonwood Pass, we pulled over so they could pose in front of Mt. Princeton. Julie (left) was acting like she was reaching or holding up the mountain, while Helen (right) did something that had to do with The Story of the Golden Goats Milk! ;)

Anyway, you can see the full pictorial of our visits to Cottonwood Pass, St. Elmo and the Evergreen Cafe here. Have a great day!

-Steve (July 24, 2007)

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