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All The Green On Mt. Princeton!


Ah, the Arkansas Valley continues to become greener and greener! Right now I'm looking outside my living room window, in which I have a grand view of Deer Mountain (east of Mt. Yale), and the cottonwoods are full with leaves.

I took this photo of Mt. Princeton in front of Vista Tire and Wheel in Buena Vista. If I might give them a "plug," I have had a very positive experience with them for all of my automotive needs. They were located next to the post office, but just moved to Antero Circle, which is a small street off of Prison Road in the southeast part of town.

I've got the upcoming Telluride Bluegrass Festival on my mind (happening on June 15-18) and I recommend visiting Telluride Tom's web site, Also, here are my two favorite .mp3's from his site: Sanctuary, Stingray.

Have a great one! I'm about to leave on a photography adventure in downtown Buena Vista! :) -Steve (May 23, 2006)

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