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Last Friday night, I was over a friend's house for a pizza and microbrew party in Buena Vista, and I was telling Dave and Janelle (the hosts) all about my web site adventures. They seemed particularly amused by this site, in which I do my best to snap a photo of Mt. Princeton everyday. "The pressure! That's a lot of pressure!" Dave kept exclaiming, alluding to the challenge of finding a new and creative way to photgraph this mountain on a daily basis.

This evening I had the honor of including Gil and Norah, the two oldest kids of Dave and Janelle in the photo above. What cute and adorable kids, aren't they? Oh and yes, they are standing on top of a car. :p)

A short personal update: Today I biked a five mile uphill stretch inside Cottonwood Canyon near Cottonwood Pass. I started at the Denny Gulch Trailhead and it took me an hour to bike those five miles. The view of the mountains surrouding the canyon and Continenal Divide were amazing. Of course, the ride down was quite glorious as I whizzed down at about 30 to 35 miles per hour for most of the way! What a great way to end the ride! :)

Rock on! Thank you so much for visiting this web site! -Steve :) (May 15, 2006)

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