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A Glorious Weekend In Chaffee County


It is the beginning of a glorious Labor Day weekend in Chaffee County! Today friends have begun to come in from places such as Great Britian, Kansas, Arkansas, Idaho and Maryland to have some fun and rekindle friendships. We had just come back from a visit to Cottonwood Pass, and I had (from left to right) Laura and Nick (Great Britian), Kelly (Kansas) and Rhonda and Keema (Arkansas) stand in front of Mt. Princeton.

My web site has a large following and it has become an annual tradition to invite "regulars" on the discussion forums to meet up for some fun and adventure. Many of us are staying in a cabin near Poncha Springs and we look forward to having a barbeque with approximately 25 people in attendance! It is indeed exciting! ;)

-Steve (September 2, 2006)

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